Clarke Distributions (for 10)

For 10 performers (2019).
Composed for/with and premiered by the residents of the 2019 Westben Performer/Composer Residency.


For wind ensemble (2019).
Read by the Northwestern University Symphonic Wind Ensemble, May 20, 2019.

Grass Has Grown Into Your Cities

For large ensemble (2018).
Premiered by the Bienen Contemporary Music Ensemble at Northwestern University, February 9, 2019.
Finalist for OSSIA New Music's 2019-2020 Call For Scores.

Or Else

For orchestra (2014/2017).

...but you need to talk to me now (Homotopic Songs)

For large ensemble (2016).
Text from “Generating Sentences From A Continuous Space” (Bowman, Vilnis, et al. 2016).
Performed by the members of Academy Inegales (Nouria Bah, George Barton, Layale Chaker, Will Crosby, Martin Humphries, Rishi Kulkarni, Jo Lawrence, Andy Leung, George Sleighthome, James Wilson, Ben Zucker), Club Inegales, London, June 30, 2016.

Parole On Parole

Open graphic score (2014).
Recorded at the Banff Centre by Ben Zucker (vibraphone), Kristin Fung (voice), Carmen Brown (voice), Anjna Swaminathan (violin), Jordan Morton (bass, voice), Nathan Liow (piano), Kai Basanta (drums); June 2014.
Further performances by Ensemble Apres-Garde

Babbling & Strewing Flowers

Graphic score for mixed octet (2014).
Recorded at the Banff Centre by Ben Zucker (vibraphone), Carmen Brown (voice), Antonin Hoang (saxophone), PJ Andersson (trombone), Alicyn Yaffee (guitar), Kwami Coleman (piano), Ben Tiberio (bass), and Jalon Archie (drums); May 2014.


Open score (2013).
Orchestral reading by the Wesleyan University Orchestra, November 2014.
Other performances by the Wesleyan Creative Music Ensemble and Middletown Improvised Sound Collective.


For large jazz ensemble (2012).
Performed by the Wesleyan Jazz Orchestra; March 19, 2013.

Large & Open Ensembles