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November 3-24, Poschiavo, Switzerland

UnCool Editions Artist-In-Residence


October 21, 7:30 pm, Midnight Tea Studios (Fine Arts Building) (Chicago):

Semiterritory release concert featuring Fifth Season. Tickets here.

October 9, 8:30 pm, Constellation (Chicago):

Featured artist on Frequency Series, presenting world and US premieres as part of doctoral recital

with Ishmael Ali, Johanna Brock, Jakob Heinemann, Jeff Kimmel, Daniel Lewis,

Riley Leitch, Beth MacDonald, Julian Otis, Craig Davis Pinson, and Adam Shead

September 9, 8:00 pm, Elastic Arts

Performing on vibraphone and voice in Ishmael Ali's Archipelago on the CLEAT Series.

August 22, 8 pm, Cafe Mustache (Chicago):

B.A.D. Trio performs , opening for Reckoner

August 14, 3 pm, South Shore Cultural Center

August 19, 7:30 pm, Wicker Park Lutheran Church

August 21, 3 pm, Joinery (all Chicago):

Common Pulse presents: Prism, including the premiere of When I Rise Up; also singing and playing synths

August 12:

Release of Aeroliths (Countermonumental) on Slow Tone Collages

August 12, 7:30 pm, Epiphany Center for the Arts  (Chicago):

Performing with Vishnu Ramprasad (Navtar, guitar), with Krissy Bergmark (tabla)

August 11, 7 pm, Comfort Station Logan Square (Chicago):

Comfort Music Series: solo vibraphone set, opening for HLDAY MAGIK

August 6, 7:30 pm, St. James Cathedral (Chicago):

Premiere of Angelus Loci, with the Chicago Composers Orchestra and Sonder Trio

July 30, 8 pm, London Pentameters Theatre (London, UK):

Vocal Constructivists present "Scratch & The Sequence",

including a version of Wolff Distributions

July 27, 12 pm, Norris Center, Northwestern University

B.A.D. Trio (with Andrew Harlan, bass, and Dan Lewis, drums)

performs for Northwestern's summer concert series

July 23, 8:30 pm Mu Gallery (Chicago)

July 30, 8:30 pm, Elastic Arts (Chicago)

Mad Myth Science's last shows...

July 2-17, Alfred University (Alfred, NY):

"Emerging Artist" in residence for Alfred Summer Arts workshops

June 23/24, Links Hall (Chicago):

Premiere of Dogs or Cats; Augmented Body as part of Links Hall Co-Mission Festival Of New Works

June 17/18, International Museum Of Surgical Sciences (Chicago):

Vibraphonist for restaging of Priestess Of Morphine by Rosśa Crean

May 29, 9 pm, Hungry Brain (Chicago):

Fifth Season performs new works and re-interpretations,

with Chris Dammann, Mabel Kwan, & Adam Shead

May 14, 7 pm, Compound Yellow (Oak Park):

Side Yard Sounds series: performing with Mad Myth Science

May 12, 7 pm, Cafe Mustache (Chicago):

Heavy Air Happy Hour: with Ishmael Ali & David Fletcher

May 5, 7:30 pm, Elastic Arts (Chicago):

Myth Chamber Experiment, with Lauren Hayes, Molly Jones, Norman Long, and Wilson Smith

April 30, 7 pm, Queen Of Angels Parish/ May 1, 3 pm, St. Gregory The Great Catholic Church (Chicago):

"I'll Be On My Way": Season finale concerts with the Chicago Chamber Choir

April 23:

Release of Becames on Whitelabelrecs (and my birthday!)

April 14, 7 pm CT, The Garage (Northwestern University):

ConcertHub kickoff performance, on vibraphone with Andrew Harlan, bass, and Dan Lewis, drums

April 9, 11 am CT, Museum Of Contemporary Art (Chicago):

Vibraphone and movement for Freedom From & Freedom To at the MCA Family Day 

April 2, 7:30 pm CT, Elastic Arts (Chicago):

Vibraphone, movement, and trumpet at the 7th Freedom From & Freedom To (improvised music & dance performances)

April 2, 3 pm CT, University Of Nebraska Kearney:

Sharon Campbell performs Semiramide Riconosciuta as part of the UNK New Music Festival

March 3, 8 pm CT, Esquina (Chicago) & online:

Solo vibraphone and electronics for Esquina's First Thursdays series, with Becky Grajada and Beth MacDonald

March 1, 7:30 pm CT, Galvin Hall, Northwestern University:

Third Coast Percussion premieres Vitamalisms.

February 27, 5 pm CT, First Presbyterian Church of Evanston:

Chicago Chamber Choir 25th Anniversary & Reunion Concert

February 19, 11 am, Harris Theater (Chicago):

Chicago Chamber Choir performs as part of the 2022 ACDA Midwest Convention

January 8, 8:30 pm CT, Constellation (Chicago):

Performing on vibraphone with Fifth Season (with Mabel Kwan, Andrew Scott Young, Adam Shead)


December 15, 8:30 pm CT, Beat Kitchen (Chicago):

Splice Series: improvising with Peter Maunu, Carol Genetti, and Adam Zanolini

December 11, 7:30 pm CT, Elastic Arts (Chicago):

Freedom From & Freedom To: collaborative music and dance improvisation performances

December 9, 6 pm CT, Cafe Mustache (Chicago):

Heavy Air Happy Hour: performing on small percussion and objects with Adam Shead and Andrew Scott Young

December 3/4, Saint Vincent DePaul Catholic Church (Chicago):

Accompanying the William Ferris Chorale on marimba in Erik Esenvalds' Earth Teach Me Quiet

November 20, 12 pm PST, online:

Opening of "Audiovisual Music" exhibition at UCR ARTS (Riverside, CA), including Incognita Ex Terra

November 16, 7:30 CT, livestream:

Quixote Duo performs Outdifferencing for New Music Chicago Presents

November 11/12, 12 pm ET, online:

OneBeat Virtual Marathon, in collaborations with Sara Gonzalez Salamanca, Daniel Schreiner, and the Building Radio Elective

October 30, Church of St. Spirit, Jihlava (Czech Republic)

Prague Quiet Music Collective performs Refinites as part of the 25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

October 30, online & University Of North Georgia:

Research On Contemporary Composition Conference; virtual presentation of "Not Is Not Not: Compositional Labor, Identity, And Fidelity As Parameter In Experimental Music Performance"

October 29, 8 pm CEST,  Musikhuset Aarhus & livestream:

Nordic Percussion Festival, including premiere of anti.duo.dist.

October 17, 1 pm CT, Comfort Station (Chicago):

Cinnamon Davenport's Assembly Room Presents: Solos; solo electronics/fake saxophones in support of record label fair with Alex Maerbach, Zach Moore, Nick Merryhew, Nu A.M., & Alexander Adams

October 16, 7:30 pm CT, Saint Mary of the Lake Catholic Church (Chicago):

Performance with Chicago Chamber Choir

September 22, 8 pm CT, Cafe Mustache (Chicago):

Performance with Mad Myth Science, with guest poet Joel Garcia

September 18, 7 pm CT, DCTorium (Chicago):

Quixote Duo premieres Outdifferencing as part of Ear Taxi Festival Spotlight Series

August 28, 11 am CEST, Janacek Conservatory (Ostrava):

Ostrava Banda performs Eschautomata as part of Ostrava Days

August 21, 2 am CEST, Jiří Myron Theatre (Ostrava):

Performing Hard Rain by Milan Guštar as part of The Long Night at Ostrava Days

August 19, 9:30 pm CEST, Brickhouse (Hlubina Coal Mine) (Ostrava):

Performing Stockhausen's Aus Den Sieben Tagen at Ostrava Days opening concert

July 16, 8:30 pm CT, Constellation (Chicago):

Performing with Mad Myth Science

July 11, 17, 18, various locations in Chicago:

Common Pulse presents: She, singing and vibraphone

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