Albums as leader/soloist/producer/etc.



Fallen Moon Recordings, August 2021

This isn’t meant to be a philosophy lesson, just some context, some light provocation. The goal has been to fold several reels of real together: live improvised performances, field recordings, studio manipulations, analog and digital instruments, over and over, in order to make something that felt more dwellable, with more capacity for vitality at times, more space to reflect, to make trouble and stay with it in a contained way, than some recent reality. It is, of course, also highly imperfect.

Video accompaniments can be seen here:



Self-released, March 2021

"Songs and improvisations recorded at home, to help get reacquainted with a new instrument friend and give the days some bright spots."


A War Of The Worlds

Self-released, November 2020

"No one would have believed in the first years of the 21st century that this world was being watched keenly and closely by intelligences greater than our own...” 

Electronic soundtrack for "A War Of The Worlds", an audio drama production by Theater In The Dark bringing the classic story of alien terror into 21-st century Illinois...


Fifth Season

Amalgam Records, June 2020 - With Mabel Kwan, Eli Namay, Adam Shead

"The music of Fifth Season, in particular, enables active collaboration and creativity through setting up improvised contexts via narrative text. By using long-form prose descriptions of gestures and textures, the forms of the music are guided yet open-ended, and content is constantly made anew in the moment."



Pan Y Rosas Discos, April 2020 - With Ishmael Ali, Judith Berkson, Josh Davidoff

"Detritus. Emissions. Ozone. Artifice. Tactful, inopportune nothing. An edition of a cross coastal electroacoustic collaboration, for one night only."



Dinzu Artefacts, February 2019

"A masterful trumpet solo that produces swaths of molding sound subject to the limits of analog technology."



I Low You Records, May 2018

"Ben makes noises in Chicago. He has been sleeping on these ones for some time. Or rather, they have been sleeping. A Microkorg, gradually gaining awareness of coming catastrophe, sighed in its bones and rattles crackled out with the long sweep of coronal flares. Like its cosmic older sibling, they aspire to create disruptions in fields, growing until its desire to consume and ripple and distort and overwhelm is no longer a negation but a dense affirmation too thick and unstratified to be contained in life as we know it, so that the digital air catches fire."

Accompanying video at


Thing Than Another

Weekend EP Project, February 2018

"Thinking about a piece of music for months and then producing it in a few days in a small explosion? Honestly, that’s how I work often, too often. But here, I’ve delved into softwares I’ve either recently built or used, and dug into my own personal archives of sounds of the world to instrumentalize them. It’s a time-honored tradition but one that never seems to exhaust itself, for there is so much world and so much to do and grow in it."



Self-released, December 2017

"Fields of sounding possibilities where a beat folds into a horn folds into a wash of pads folds into noise."


o ur gab

Verz Imprint, August 2017

"...he tips the hat to Kenneth Gaburo’s system of ‘compositional linguistics’ and goes in a decidedly different direction. Drawing upon experience as a choral and improvisational singer, o ur gab is less a solo vocal album than an album of mouth music." (ATTN: Magazine)




Not Art Records, September 2016

"A combination of live and digital artistry, Confluere is composer Ben Zucker’s dynamic exploration of simultaneity: one month of improvised recordings layered together without edits. The resulting recording is rich with unexpected concurrences and potent juxtapositions, a work that is both meditative and melodically rich."