Lateral Growth, Lateral Being

Original film and music work, in collaboration with Outside OutLoud (2021).
Filmed July 2019 in the Skokie Lagoons, featuring Mason Frasher, Dan Hansen, Jakob Heinemann, Holly Hinchliffe, Molly Jones, Erica Miller, Olivia Montecchi, Wilson Smith, Elijah Warfield, Natalie Welch, and Ben Zucker.
Festival screenings include Prague International Film Festival, Kosice International Film Festival, Lift-Off Sessions (LA).


Original music and film work, featuring Alice Aycock's "A Simple Network Of Underground Wells And Tunnels". (2019)
Performed with Sylvia Hinz, filmed at Art Omi (Ghent, NY).


Music for a short documentary: "Seeking a way past technophobic and technophilic approaches to new technologies, this project seeks to describe why we're always on." (2018)

Directed by Jim Hodge and C.A. Davis.

Throw Away Culture

Music for a short documentary on ocean plastic pollution, directed by Rory Moon and Nikki Dodd (2018).

Winner of Sylvia Earle's Ocean Film Challenge hosted by the Audience Awards and Hatch.

Check Out My Shirt

Electronic music for choreography by Outset Dance (Sidonie Carey-Green and Rebecca Thompson) (2017).
Premiered at the Brighton Fringe Festival, May 20/21, 2017.

Filter Feeders

Soundtrack for short documentary by Rory Moon and Amy Zhang.
Premiered September 2016 for Fusion Doc Project Earth Challenge: Audience Award Winner and Jury Selection .


Music for a production Eurydice.
Written by Sarah Ruhl, directed by Sivan Battat. 
Wesleyan University, April 18-20, 2013.

Ready/A Future To Hold

Album of music for films by Amanda Sonnenschein & Leah Khambata. 
Released June 2014.

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