Electronics & Multimedia

Incognita Ex Terra

Video, voice, cello, and electronics (2021). Composed for the Arc Project's Digital Ensembles Edition, with Hannah Thomson (voice), Annabell Pidduck (cello), and Maria Whitcomb (additional vocals).

Mouthborg /// Interfaceoff

For voice, sensors, and live electronics (2018).
Written for the Voice Electrification workshop of the 2018 Darmstadt Summer Course; premiered July 24, 2018 by Ben Zucker. 


KIMA: The Wheel

Interactive installation and performance for voices and live electronics (2016).
Text by Evgenia Emets. Premiered by Ben Zucker, Evgenia Emets, Nao Masuda, Rugile Girdzijauskaitė, Mārtiņš Baumanis, and Uran Apak with Analema Group and Ron Arad's Curtain Call, Roundhouse London, August 14, 2016.

Flight Log

For speaking/acting pianist and fixed media (2014).
Words by Karen Shklanka, developed in collaboration at the Banff Centre.
Performed by Ben Zucker; May 26, 2014.

Threshold (For Morton Feldman)

For fixed media (2011/2014).
Premiered at 2014 SEAMUS National Conference, Wesleyan University, March 27-29, 2014.