Albums as sideman/contributor

Rosśa Crean - Priestess Of Morphine

Navona Records, March 12, 2021: Vibraphone.

Adam Shead's Adiaphora Orchestra - Miniature Paintings and the Impossible Warehouse

Amalgam Records, April 2020: Vibraphone and voice.

Alex Maerbach - Will The Low E Still Be There Once You've Come Down?

Orb Tapes, March 2020: Trumpet and vibraphone.

Molly Jones - Acting On Air Soundtrack

Self-released, March 2020: Vibraphone.

Khorikos - Joy and Grief and Rest

Self-released, May 2019: Includes when we arrive at home.

Tommy Carroll - Calculated Discomfort

Self-released, August 2018: Vibraphone and synth.

Not Art Records 2018 Mixtape

Not Art Records, July 2018: Includes exclusive microtonal noise track I/O\U.

Honor Finnegan - Roses And Victory

Self-released, February 2016: Trumpet on "When Sunny Gets Blue" and "I Should Stop Having Sex With You".

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